I produced a couple printed zines many years ago, featuring essays (some of which are included in the “Essays” section of this site), quotes and lots of graphics. I’ve made PDF versions of both issues available below.


Zine cover: sad moon over ruins

First published April 1996
36 pages

The theme of Fragments #1 was “Disintegration”—social decay, the breakdown of authority, the breakup of mass culture, the decline of civilization and the end of the world. Ultimately, it expressed a tentatively optimistic view of humanity’s future.

This issue took the position that many of our most cherished social values and institutions have become obsolete: militarism, consumerism, nationalism, conservatism, hierarchy, patriarchy, political revolution. Our failure to adapt ourselves to new conditions results in alienation, social disruption and chaos.

Here are the titles of the text pieces:

Disintegration and Dis-integration
Life and Dignity
New Ideas
Social Revolution
The Conservative “Revolution”
Living Out of Sync
Decay in L.A.
Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Zine cover: Dorothy Day defiantly faces down cops with guns

Published July 2001
48 pages

Fragments #2 explored the concept of power from a number of different perspectives. The central thesis was that leaders and elite groups could never possess absolute power, because their authority depended on the support of ordinary people. The writing reflected my opposition to political violence, militarism, corporate hegemony, hierarchy and sexism.

Here are the titles of the text pieces:

Absolute Power
Social Power
Reclaiming the Power of Community by Priscilla Boucher
Power Over Nature
Animals on our Minds by Jim Mason
The Power of One Life
The Funeral of Orlando Letelier
Institutional Power
Personal Power
Girl in the World by Maureen Milton
Power and Sex
The Power of Belief
The Power of Fear
Power and Violence
That Power is Weak That Seeks Omnipotence by A Publication for Collectivities
Military Power
The Gulf War

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