This Fragments website has been here since 1997. It started as an extension and eventual replacement for my printed zine, which quickly became too expensive and labor intensive to produce.

In 2017 I started a blog called Nonviolence 3.0, which is about strategy and tactics for civil resistance. Meanwhile, Fragments languished.

While wanting to keep the blog and its associated social media focused on a very specific theme, I also felt the need for a platform where I could explore more wide-ranging topics and different types of media. Toward that end I redesigned the Fragments site in 2019.

Unlike Nonviolence 3.0 blog, where I explore ideas in a more serious, disciplined way, I view the Fragments site as a more “playful” creative space.

One of my core interests has always been the question of how social and political change occurs. I’ve come to embrace the notion that genuine, permanent change does not happen until people transform the way they think, what they believe and how they interact with others. In other words, there must be cultural change.

And it seems to me the way to change culture is not by committing violent acts, espousing some political ideology or preaching rational, well-researched ideas, but rather by engaging with people in a much gentler way—through humor, fun and creativity.

That’s the thinking behind this site. Going forward, I intend to use the Fragments platform to post new videos, animations, graphics and stories as I invent them, making everything fully sharable for others to modify, repurpose and reuse as weapons in the culture war.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention I am old, white, male and heterosexual. I’m from a middle class family and grew up in the US. I create from this point of view because it is all I know. To do otherwise would be unauthentic and dishonest.

But my narrative should by no means be considered the dominant one. Both in the US and around the world there are people of various backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and cultures whose perspectives must be taken seriously. We need to all learn from one another.

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Unless otherwise attributed, everything on this site was created by me, James L. VanHise.

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