A Wake (Up) for the Earth

Extinction Rebellion Action
November 29, 2019
Carrboro, NC
A UN report warns that up to one million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction.

2019 Climate Strike Rally—Raleigh, NC

Shot at a climate rally in Raleigh North Carolina, this hypersonic montage of people and activities is set to a thrashing soundtrack.

The video features William Barber III, Co-chair of the Ecological Devastation Committee for the NC Poor People’s Campaign, who declares that diverse communities must stand together to resolve the climate crisis: “Do not let them tell you this is not an intersectional, interracial, powerful national movement…The only way forward is forward together.”

To prevent climate catastrophe our only hope is for all progressive campaigns to rise in solidarity and build an inclusive, mass movement of movements.

Halifax Mall – September 20, 2019. Music track by Silent Partner. iPhone SE, iMovie, Photoshop

Trump the Comedian

Everyone knows Trump is our funniest president since Richard Nixon. In November 2019, at a press conference with Erdogan of Turkey, he had the media in stitches as he trotted out some old jokes.

More videos to come.

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