No More Revolutions
Real change though social evolution

Family praying to missile thinks: "This seems wrong somehow"

Permanent revolution is fostered by ordinary people when they change the way they think and live.

Worker with lightbulb in thought bubble

New Ideas
Our dreams have power

The ideas that create a more humanized society will originate, not from giant institutions, but from the grassroots.

Earth hatching from egg

A New World
Amazing things are possible

Increasingly, our institutions are becoming empty shells that will eventually collapse once our belief in them evaporates.

US Capitol

Powerful Institutions
Illusions of permanence

While social and political institutions appear permanent, they are subject to the same weaknesses and vulnerabilities as the human beings that staff their bureaucracies.

Exploding earth

Living as if there were hope

War, overpopulation and rampant consumerism are a few of the dangers that face humanity. But even if there is nothing that can be done to save us, we can still embrace integrity and truth in our personal lives.

Preacher: "And Jesus saith blessed are those who live in the past."

The Conservative “Revolution”
Turning back the clock

I wrote this many years ago in the midst of the “Gingrich Revolution,” but it seems all the more relevant in the “Make America Great Again” era.

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