Lightning over city

No Power is Absolute
Nature, god and domination

This is more of a mythical story than an essay, based as it is on contested facts and suppositions. Its purpose was to elucidate in schematic form the contrast between power relationships that emphasize egalitarian cooperation and reciprocity with those that value domination and hierarchy.

Man with peace demo obscuring face

The Power of One Life
Small acts of resistance

Individuals and small groups can act as powerful catalysts for major social and political changes. I think this essay may have been partially inspired by The Power of the Powerless, a book written by the Czech dissident Václav Havel.

Astrological symbols

The Power of Belief
Taking responsibility for our convictions

When we believe in something, it becomes true. Our beliefs determine the choices we make in our lives, and our actions help shape the world we live in.

Skeleton praying

The Politics of Fear
Why we do everything

Some brief thoughts on how fear is used to control us.

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