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James L. VanHise –


Couple hypnotized watching TV: “I have a sudden urge to give up control of my life to a higher power.” “You already have.”


Happy & sad face hierarchy pyramid

“The hierarchical principle is the magic spell that has blocked the path of man in his historical struggles for freedom. From now on, no revolution will be worthy of the name if it does not involve, at the very least, the radical elimination of all hierarchy.”
—Raoul Vaneigem

Raised fists in front of Chilean flag

Chile Solidarity

L.A. skyline crumbling

Armageddon L.A.

Missile hanging over L.A. skyline

While we waste three-quarters of a trillion dollars a year on the US military budget, those on the margins of our cities are left to fend for themselves. It may be only a matter of time before such disgraceful misallocation of resources leads to social annihilation.

TV set among ruins

Road to Ruin
Television says: “Don’t worry, everything is fine. Be happy and shop till we drop.”

Apocalyptic smokestack sky and shopping cart man

If we destroy the earth, we’ll all be homeless

Family at dinner table: “Some countries are ruled by a dictator and everyone must submit to his will, but in this country you have the freedom to obey any man you choose. Is that clear?”
“Yes Sir”


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