The free images below represent a patchwork of political ideas about patriarchy, social hierarchy, political conservatism, social revolution and more. They were assembled from clip art, photos, found images, drawings and other detritus. Feel free to use this art on your social media posts and web pages to illustrate, entertain, protest, propagandize or agitate. The pictures are royalty-free—licensed under Creative Commons for noncommercial purposes (see bottom of page for details).

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Patriarchal father talking at dinner table: “Some countries are ruled by a dictator but in this country you have the freedom to obey any man you choose. Is that clear?” Women and children: “Yes Sir”

The modern nuclear family is the perfect capitalist unit. Each member has their primary role: the husband earns money and the wife spends it on products which the children consume.

Earth hatching from egg illustrating the birth of a new world

A New World
The only thing that supports our present reality is our belief in it. Once we truly believe things can change, and begin to act on our most utopian dreams, we may find there is no limit to our human potential.

Collage art


Military tank in suburban neighborhood

Suburban Warfare
Weird things are happening in the suburbs—fear, alienation and war.

Conservative preacher: “Blessed are those who live in the past.”

No matter how much they pray, no matter how much they preach, no matter how much they legislate, cajole and coerce, conservatives cannot turn back the changes in social consciousness that have taken hold over the last few years.

Hierarchical pyramid with happy faces at the top and sad faces at the bottom

“The hierarchical principle is the magic spell that has blocked the path of man in his historical struggles for freedom. From now on, no revolution will be worthy of the name if it does not involve, at the very least, the radical elimination of all hierarchy.”
Raoul Vaneigem

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