This free political art illustrates Donald Trump’s prioritization of the military over healthcare, monkeywrenching governmental functions, and the myth of innate aggression in humans. It was assembled from clip art, photos, found images, drawings and other detritus. Feel free to use these images on your social media posts and web pages to illustrate, entertain, protest, politicize, propagandize or agitate. All the pictures are royalty-free—licensed under Creative Commons for noncommercial purposes (see bottom of page for details).

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Man with rainbow and lightbulb

Imagination is powerful
Vision + inspiration are the building blocks of transformative change.


Military jet launches missile against coronavirus illustrating unwise US budget priorities

Trump should try deploying his “brand new beautiful equipment” against the coronavirus. The US military budget (over $1,000,000,000,000) is more than 20 times the combined CDC & NIH budgets (less than $50 billion). National security is about more than fighting wars.

Monkey wrench impeding gears in government building

Monkeywrenching Government
Government leaders depend on the support of ordinary civil servants to get their policies carried out. But that support is always tenuous. The ways of fouling up the work of government are endless.

Brain questions “Am I a human or a reptile?” illustrating the myth of innate aggression

Born Killers?
The conventional wisdom that humans are innately aggressive is a myth. It is not instinct that drives us to commit atrocities, but our culture.

Rich man—one percent

One Percent

Family happily running on beach

Woman: Maybe someday we’ll wake up from this stupid fantasy.
Man: Not me. I’m committed to TOTAL OBLIVION!

Bird silhouette against moon

The last
bird in the world
sits sadly on a broken branch
and sweetly sings a song to the somber
blue moon.

Flowers growing in rock face

From a jagged crack
in a ledge of frozen rock
spring fire-red flowers.

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